12 months ago, I would not believe I would even own this page, and or be building it out. My story isn’t remarkable, it’s just mine… let me tell you how it started.

2nd place

My facebook page, remains Turtle Love Waist Beads. Understand my story to know why this won't change just yet.


I was so excited to join this platform! I didn't anticipate the work!! Follow me there and teach me how.


This is the platform that I love!! It helps share my story in a snapshot! I do love the connections there too!

I am Adanna Kaye

I didn’t always have it in mind that I’d ever become an entrepreneur, at least not with this much gusto, and attention.  So what changed? I wish I could tell you there was a moment that I can point to, and say “THAT is the moment when I knew”. 

I have a deep passion for my truth, that’s the secret.  It changes frequently, because I find so many opportunities to grow, to expand, to mature.  My current truth is this, I am so tired of being asked to be “less”, so that others feel comfortable.  

I want to use my platform to chorale you to be more-than-enough of the version you thought you could be.  I want you to become so in love with you, it intimidates others by default.

How I came to have this story...

When I began, it was because I had tied another of my waist beads in December 2019, and riding the euphoria I felt, snapped a body pic (waist beads and all) and sent it on to a few friends… well, almost all of them.⁣

While my circle is made-up of self-lovers and let-livers of others, they did not all know of waist beads, but all were intrigued. So! I opened an account, and posted by euphoria-driven-body pic…

I didn’t begin for the sake of business. I began for the sake of sharing my euphoria, so it can be yours too. ⁣ What’s more, I was afraid. I didn’t tell my circle, besides my sister, that I’d ventured into these waters too. I was afraid they’d berate me for driving too hard, for doing too much. ⁣ I also manage my day-job, you see, at… Deeyor Fiss

Would you believe, 😂, I was berated anyway when confronted?  Sheepishly, I sat like a caught toddler during the onslaught of love and concern for my well being. At the end of it, I was encouraged, commended, guided, critiqued and am consistently supported.  It matters when you circle genuinely loves you enough to say “YOU’RE ON FOLLY!”.  

This is how I came to have a story.  My sentinels didn’t say “NO!! That’s not right!!”.  They said “Here, check this article on how to do better”, and “did you see this page!? I think it can help you!!”.

I didn’t have a clue what my brand would be, what it would look like.  I hadn’t a clue, how I would find enough letters to share my core beliefs, which others seemed to have no trouble writing out before I had a chance to.  I sat back and watched so many awesome women portray the best bits of me, the pieces that resonated with my entire make-up, and I decided, the first thing I needed to do, was find a name that meant a lot to me.  

I thought, if I found a name that meant the love of art to me, I can find my brand, and I can find the words to write to share my story too.


When I began in December 2019, I used the name @beaded.tt.  I only knew that I needed to learn how to do this Instagram for business ting!! 

I was fresh (on the scene) and such a ‘noob’!! I was afraid but decided to wing it.  

Let me tell you – it looked HORRIFIC!!! But I was convinced “Yea, not too bad, not too bad” until I showed my sister.  😂

My sister’s feedback was brutal, and I needed it.  I kept changing the concept, the colors and the layout with her approval in mind. If she says it’s OK! then I might be nearer to my path.

In February, I renamed to capture that “me” factor and my learning began to grow on purpose.  So, why the turtle, and why the love? What do they have to do with waist beads?  You know… probably nothing at all, but hear me out… 


These beings are naturally on their own journey. They allow nothing to disrupt them and their observed motto is “keep moving forward”. The perception is that (all) turtles are slow, and (for most), this is not the case. Turtles move swiftly in their element, but they take the time they need to understand what and where that is.



I have loved turtles since forever. I have used their epithets to guide me, which has made me appear “stiff” or “unfeeling”, I know. However, like turtles once you get to know me, you’d realize I’m simply rooting for you, no malice but no obligation either. I’m very focused on my shell, and improving me for me. I am loyal, I am mindful and I’m present on my learning journey.


Waist beads

These intimate jeweled strands are affirmations of your love for you, on your journey. They will transform you to believing in yourself, feeling awesome in your skin and granting you the confidence to exist. This is no different from the mantra of my turtles and the love I have for them, me, and my abundant good will for you.

When we lay these words in a string, 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬 (TLWB), it is almost like we’re saying 3 of the same words over and over again (self, self, self, self, love, love, love, love, journey, journey, journey, journey). 


I chose this name because it was effortless. It represented ME and the higher version of you that I wish for you. For you, I wish 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬. Its more than a name for me, its an epithet of being you.


...so, about Madame waist beads then...

LOL!! I promise you, she just happened, and is causing me no end of considerations

One day at home, I had just taken the trash out.  I had just gotten through with my routine home sanitisation and nighttime cleaning, I had energy to burn, so I ran down the steps – took the garbage to the road, and ran back up!! 

Usually, I can’t do all of this in one day, but i’d just tied on my Purpose beads, and I felt accomplished!!  

So there I was, on the last step before I would go back inside and I caught my shadow.  Yes, my shadow!  I  smiled a deep pleased smile and ran my hands across my beads, enjoying the feel of them, and calling to mind the affirmations I placed on each one.  I was so in love with the whole moment, I laughed… out loud, head thrown back type of goodness – I laughed!!

Eventually I shook my head at how easily I am amused, and gushed aloud at my shadow, “Aye! Aye! Madame Waistbeads!!” – and boom, I went into a panic: should I change my business name??!!

I opted not to – because TLWB has so much meaning for me.  Yet, Madame Waistbeads became as much a part of TLWB, as I am.  In the end, when I opted to go online,  www.madamewaistbeads.com won the name consideration here.

You can tell me if the two names are hella-confusing – should I rename altogether, removing TLWB, just keeping it close to my heart?  – Please imagine my sad face, as you share your view.