I know who I am

  • Fun fact!! I do not like traveling (by air, or boat), so I have used the time I would have spent packing suitcases and unpacking luggage, to become both well-read and well-conversed.
  • I love turtles, art (music, words, bodies, connections, paintings), essential oils, herb teas, head-wraps, apologies, introspection, critique, feedback, and research.
  • I keep a small circle, am loyal, and love hard. I am playful.  While, I am an Advocate and Ambassador for “choosing me first”  full-time, I am a 9 – 5 p.m. business professional, consistently growing the personal and professional versions of me.

I am not keen on talking about what I do at my 9-5, but let me at least tell you a little bit about it. Since I am letting you know upfront, that I won’t divulge where I set up shop and at which office, it is proper that we name this place something entirely unrelated…. I have just the name.


I am an office girl, living up the corporate life at DEEYOR FISS, well before there was Turtle Love Waistbeads.  During and long after TLWB, I still have no intention of leaving my hub of joy anytime soon, so forget about it. *note my disclaimer for co-workers reading this*. Very well, let’s carry on with the story, amicably.

By day, and sometimes by night, I am locked and loaded in a fierce battle with boss babes, and boss boys.  Each person is vying for me to grow big on patience, and understanding. Have you heard of giving the “benefit of doubt”? That is kind of the mantra there, but only for a select few. Let me tell you, I am not one of the select few.

I did tell you that I am quite the playful kind, so I think I ought to document in a blog category the shenanigans that take place at DEEYOR FISS. Most importantly, I simply must share just how much I learn there.

You already know, I absolutely love: apologies, introspection, critique, feedback and research. In the next few blogs, I will have to share the things that I do not like any at all. What matters is, that I get to learn a lot at Dee-Yor-Fiss.

As you were, we can still love who we are, in spite of the ills around us.

laugh at yourself dearie!

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