Store FAQ

Quick answers to frequently asked questions, before you shop.

How do I know if my order was placed?

You will receive an immediate order confirmation email, which will provide you with the details of your order, including payment method, date ordered, and items ordered.

What if I need to modify my order?

This is not always impossible, however it is very recommended that you reply to your order confirmation email (before you receive a shipping notification) to discuss any modifications / amendments to your order.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

You can amend your shipping address by responding to your order confirmation email, before you receive notice that your order has shipped.  Review Shipping Policy for more guidance.

Can I get same day delivery?

In some cases yes; at an additional cost.  Same day, however refers to within 24 hours of having placed your order.

My order has shipped, but I entered the wrong delivery address

Our couriers contact you on delivery day to confirm that you are available to collect your package.  If you instructed that someone can collect on your behalf, you will be required to retrieve your package.  If the package has been returned to the store, it will be delivered to your new preferred delivery address, however, you will be required to pay the delivery fee again (COD).

I prefer to pick-up my order, at your physical location.

Unfortunately, this is not an available option at this time.  Our reliable couriers however will be notified to deliver to your preferred address (indicated at checkout).

How do I know my order is coming to me?

Our couriers, SPED, will send you a text message with a link to help you track your order. If you have any concerns about your delivery, please share these by replying to your order confirmation email.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No you do not; you can checkout as a guest.  Please note, this limits my ability to amend your order on your behalf, should you require it.

What are my payment options?
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Bank Deposit (online or in-branch)
  • Visa Debit Card 
  • Credit Card

Each option is listed on the checkout page, and you may select the option that is most suitable for you.

Can I pay after I receive my order?

Yes, and no.  Cash on Delivery (COD) is offered, however our couriers will request payment before handing over your package to you.

How do I know if my debit card will work?

Visa Debit Cards can be used to process your payment at check-out.  To verify whether or not your debit card is a Visa Debit Card, contact your bankers for confirmation.

Can I make a down-payment on an item I really want?

Not at this time, down-payments are not accepted.

Can I make a pre-payment for an item?

Yes, but only on where “back-order” or “pre-order” appears on the check-out pages.  Pre-payments are not allowed outside of these conditions.

What happens if I forget to use a coupon code?

Oh no!! That is so unfortunate!! Once your order has been processed your coupon code cannot be added manually.  However, your coupon code can be used in your next order if it is still valid. Your coupon confirmation email will advise the expiry date of your coupon.

I gave away my coupon code but it won't work

Our discount codes are locked to you.  Unless it is a gift card, coupon codes are valid for your use only.

Can I modify the design of a listed item?

Yes; where the product tab / product page indicate that customization is allowed, you may submit your preferences in order notes, on the check-out page.

I received a gift-card, can I exchange it for cash?

No.  Gift cards / vouchers are redeemable for eligible items in store only. 

My item is not the exact color I was expecting!

We do apologize; we take our images in natural light without the use of filters to provide the most accurate likeness of our products.  However, colors on devices may vary to in-person view (also within different lighting).

I need my item repaired.

Where a product is damaged after some wear, this item is not eligible for repair.  We have tried to ensure you receive quality products that last, however, waistbeads (for example) can break / burst.

Still have a question?

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