Waistbeads: Frequently Asked Questions


What are waistbeads

They are a tool for feminine realization, self-worth and confidence.  They are traditional African body adornments, worn about the hips or waistline by women. They’re a commitment to honoring your purpose and affirmations.

Who can wear waistbeads?

They can be worn by girls, and or women – of any shape, size or shade.  

What is its purpose?

They are used to help you; whether that is for boosting your confidence, solidifying and accepting your physical appearance, or maintain and monitor your weight. They are a tool used for setting / binding your intentions or affirmations.

Waistbeads and weight loss (tie-on)

Yes, waistbeads can help you monitor and or maintain your weight, however the driving force to weight loss with waistbeads is you.  Check out the blog.


Can big girls wear them?

Yes; waistbeads deserve you. Is self-love, and self-worth a secret and sacred thing that you can’t access?  Adorn your body with waistbeads and listen to the ways they adore you.

Are plus sized women charged more?

No.  We do ask that requests for longer strands are truthful requests, for strands that wrap about your body once.

Are they comfortable?

Yes.  They’re made with smooth beads and suitable charms.  However, waistbeads should never be tied so tightly that they become uncomfortable.  

Can I bathe in my (tie-on) waistbeads?

Yes! They’re safe for bathing (with any soap you like), swimming (yes, even in chlorine pools).

Will they hold water?

Not excessively; they’re made with threads, however they dry off pretty quickly (no water marks through your clothes)

Will they smell?

No. You have the green light to take a shower while wearing your (tie-on) waistbeads, and soap and rinse them thoroughly.

Do they burst?

Waistbeads can burst / break.  To limit these instances our threads are constantly tested for strain, and wear.  Please tie your strands securely to your body.

Are they evil?

No.  They’re made with beads just like most any jewelry. Many persons apply their own belief systems to their beads (much like with anything at all). They are traditional African adornments intended for creating in a woman an extreme awareness of her self-worth and value.

My beads and me

Do I have to tell you my waist size?

No you don’t have to; you can select from pre-made designs on the website. 

However, for custom made strands, an average length in inches would be required.

How many can I wear?

As many as you want, wherever you want! A limit hasn’t been established yet; let’s start counting!! 

Do I have to keep them hidden?

They are yours; you determine when they’re exposed if at all.  These beads will adorn your womb space, and your panty line; it’s going to be absolutely beautiful, and you can share that with anyone you choose to.

Should my strands all match?

No; this is a choice you will make on your own, whether or not you will create a color palette of your chosen waistbeads.  However waistbeads are tied for a purpose, and if a particular strand suits that purpose, this is suitable.

Why I believe in waistbeads


We have been loved too hard, as they tried to protect us, and this hard love, I believe, has contributed to our fearing our bodies and misunderstanding it for too long.

Waistbeads are used for self-love, setting intentions and focusing on you.

When a woman loves her own body, her femininity doesn’t scare or confuse her anymore.


Have you ever felt “you can’t tell me nothing” with a new hairdo?  Waistbeads do that for you, but at an ever greater and deeper level!

They help you deeply appreciate and cherish your body. It can even change your mind over, from time to time, whispering “I believe in you“.

No refunds on positive-feeling waist beads. ♥

    • I deserve a good thing
    • I deserve love
    • I deserve respect
    • I deserve patience

You deserve to affirm these truths about you, which make you blush and love you, like you deserve to. 

Affirmations + waistbeads = tangible self-appreciation.

Commitment (tie-on waistbeads)

Tie-on waistbeads are semi-permanent. While they can break / burst, they’re usually only removed when you cut them off. 

TLW specializes in tie-on waistbeads because they’re a commitment to self-love, self-worth, affirmations and truly going hard on cherishing who you are today, and who you committed to becoming by your affirmations.

You are more than enough, and you can become tied to your purpose.

Where they fall, and how they’re worn, is up to you!

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