In my own skin…

“…it’s really a crime, not to feel comfortable, in your own skin”.  

– Adanna Kaye (Year, 2016) Presentation Skills coaching at DeeYor Fiss

…that is how I opened my second IGTV post. I wrote that script on the fly, so most of it is just from my heart, from the part of me that dreams in grandeur, also the part of me that believes it entirely.

The harsh truth is, there is almost no-one outside here rooting for you. Even when you are doubting yourself, there is a large audience doubting you as well… for free. Yes, even among your supporters!

Tell me though, did you picture an audience while on the stage? 

Let’s picture it:

You are on a grand stage, and your entire being, just who you are and what you represent, what you’re dreaming of doing – is all a performance! 

Now, look out past you at the audience seated there.  Some are faces you know, but the faces you don’t know – those countless other faces, they are the faces not rooting for you. 

They are waiting to see you blunder… we all need comedic relief, I guess.

Don’t throw the image away just yet; create for me, one more chair in the front row of that audience <make it a fancy and very comfortable chair>. 

Now, while you are also on that stage, I want you to take that first chair… have a seat. 

Here is why:

  • Whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re serving, take the first chair 
  • See first hand your failures, and slowly learn to love them too
  • See your errors, and in time, enjoy laughing at yourself
  • See your winnings and attend that success party!!!

To think about…

  • What does “ownership,” mean to you
  • Did you always consider it meant “belonging to someone else”?
  • Who has the first chair in your audience, and are you invited?

P.S. it is a crime not to feel comfortable in your own skin, but I know how to exonerate you.  I share these veritable tips in the IGTV – Me First.

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