Shipping Policy

Shipping” or “Posted”  refers to the delivery method for your items to reach you.  As all deliveries are local to Trinidad and Tobago only, these will be posted to you using TTPost Services.


All items are delivered to you using the number one trusted courier service in Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TT Post).

When an item has been marked as “shipped” on your order, it means, it has been posted to TTPost and is on the way to the delivery address you provided.

All items submitted to TTPost for Delivery is no longer under our ability to protect, recall, amend, or cancel your item. Any query must be made with TTPost directly.

TTPost remains an independent third party company utilized for their established services.

Delivery / Posting Schedule

All items are posted 1x weekly, on a set day.

The set day for posting your item to TTPost may change based on the following factors:

  • order volume
  • frequency
  • external factors such as holidays, national occurrences, TTPost notices etc.

Where this occurs, you will be notified in advance, where possible.

The set posting day should be taken into consideration for the estimated time-frame for your item to reach you, based on the delivery type selected (below),

For example: if you place an order on Monday, and delivery day is Thursday, your items will be posted to TTPost on Thursday.

You will receive an email notification that your items have been posted for delivery.

Delivery Types

There are two types of delivery services offered, along with the delivery schedule.

  1. Regular Delivery:  – TTPost regular mail takes 7 business days (or less) to get to you after your items have been posted (see Delivery Schedule above).
  2. Expedited Delivery: – TTPost delivers these items the very next business day, after it has been posted (see Delivery Schedule above). This is their TrackPack system, which comes at an *additional cost.

TTPost advises that expedited deliveries can be tracked on their local package tracking system.  Where you have opted for Expedited Delivery, your order will be updated with your tracking number.

TTPost Local Package Tracking

*Where TTPOST amends their prices (increases or decreases), these will be updated at the checkout page.

Delivery Addresses

  • Please enter your delivery address slowly (for accuracy)
  • Review your delivery address after you have entered it, to ensure accuracy
  • All items will be posted to the delivery address used at checkout

At checkout, you have the option to send your item to a different address than your delivery address registered under “my account”.  This is beneficial if:

  • You would like to send someone a gift (your invoice is not included in your package)
  • You would prefer your item to come to another location for your pickup

All items are shipped within Trinidad and Tobago only

Posting Details

TTPost will require the following information to deliver your items to you:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your (preferred) address

TTPost will contact you beforehand to notify you that they will be delivering a package to you (as part of TTPost policies).


National disasters, national occurrences, rules, and regulations may affect our ability to rely on TTPost current stipulated customer service commitments.  Where these occur, we can remain updated via their website and social media pages.

Where these occur, and your items have already been posted to TTPost, you must use TTPost’s customer service mediums to address any queries.