Social Media Burnout

Instagram & entrepreneurship wants burnt out souls, and dried out minds and red eyes with baggy lids. This is the truth. You agree?

The perfectionist side of me is probably wanting the same thing too.

Still, when my little heart of joy walks in, all of 17 months old, I put him first.

I miss your DMs on those days. I delay an order pick-up. I misplace my phone (fact is, I can’t find it yet from where he hid it), and I give him all of me.

I am keenly aware he won’t remember those hours I could have been otherwise productive. He won’t remember he rolled his eyes at me and hugged me tightly right after.

He won’t remember how he deconstructed my carefully selected decor into his toddler version of art, but I will. I do. He will always remember I loved him, though. This is the truth.

Life. I have lived a few stories. I have learned it is better to give all of you to just a few, if you can. All I own is me, even my memories and my life can leave me at will… but I own me today.

I share my mind with you sometimes… well, because I can 🙂, and it will connect some dots for you… maybe.

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