Waistbeads & weight loss

 Tie-on waistbeads make you lose weight??

No. Just, no.  Tie-on waistbeads are great for gauging weight loss or weight gain.  They act as your personal cheerleader, dropping each time you lose weight and or inches.

Hold on, we’re not done yet, we are going to dive into some facts now:

  • In order to measure your weight goals accurately, your strand (that’s what one waistbead is called) must be tied correctly (and I mean, tied well, with no spaces in between the beads, and in the right place  – around your tummy).
  • I always opt for just a little above the highest point of my tummy, and yet, not nestled under my boobs – because, well, waistbeads, not boobs-beads (lol)
  • Each body is different, so our “high” point on our bodies won’t always be the same. Matching your placement with a google image isn’t the best. Remember this journey is YOURS, so tie it where you know your “high” point is. 
  • They drop. There is a moment where you will notice they will fall lower and you would have realized that your hard work is being noticed.

⊕ Waistbeads should never be uncomfortable; which means, they must never be so tightly tied that you cannot breathe.

  • When tying leave a little room for a finger to pass underneath
  • If you often get bloated, leave a little more room for that too 
  • Do not suck in your stomach, please – we want to be our fully awesome, beautiful, authentic, deep-exhale, slow-inhale, repeat, breath- easy, stomach relaxed womanly selves (remember they’re your cheerleader, they’re not judging you).

It’s been used for weight loss management because these little cheerleaders are also your up-close-and-personal snitches!!  Yes, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Here is how they snitch on you

  • When you’ve overeaten, they will bite you.
  • When you’re not being consistent with your workouts they will roll up, or you will catch yourself sucking in your stomach all the way, to push them down to your panty line (for comfort).
  • Beware the bulkier beads, as they will poke and prod you as if to say “you promised me we would finish this workout set”

These waistbeads can take a fair amount of strain, and so they’re absolutely perfect as your workout companion! 

Remember the entire power of waistbeads is your commitment to you.  What are your thoughts?? Is this a myth debunked, or an eye-opener? Maybe even “yes, I needed this right now”!


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