Watch your “competitors”

showing contempt and less than requried patience
I dislike the term, let’s just start there.

I attended an Instagram Live tonight because I really appreciate the content of one of the would-be participants on the show.  I was already very disappointed to see that though I had tuned in on time, my favored speaker/attendee was not yet on.  *Deep sigh* I would have to wait for two panelists to finish speaking before she would arrive.

I thought about leaving to rejoin only when she showed up, but decided against it, as it would probably be best to support the Live all the way through.

So many things occurred on the Live which saw my brows inhale and exhale ahead of me.  In fine fashion, I breathed through the faux pas and blamed my annoyance on my rising fatigue.

THEN, the speaker said “One of the most important things I will tell you to do is, watch what your competitors are doing“.  And he laughed. And he clapped. And he cheered for his good words.

The use of the term alone upsets my stomach and can force me to leave a room, a conversation, an Instagram Live – essentially, I will leave your space.

Trust local parlance to put it across best: “wat is all dis fight dong, fight dong ting!?”

Competition means you are actively trying to take something away from someone else!!  Someone you have determined is a rival, an enemy!!

I mean, I can understand, if you’re reclaiming something of yours from a bandit. By all means, you and a bandit are in fierce competition to take possession of your things!!!

So, what exactly IS IT, that we are being encouraged to TAKE from someone, who for all intents and purposes, has not provided any proof that they are a bandit?

  • clients??
  • the choices of the people??
  • money???
  • niches??
  • markets??
  • followers??

Even more sickening is NONE of these things belongs to anyone at all. 

What exactly is it, giving us the right to be boasting about a strategy with an aim to take things away from someone? This is BANDITRY!!!

Doesn’t this sound like a glorified crime to you? No, just me?

Ok, you can probably sense my ire at this point, and I should exit left.  As for me and my beads, we serve those who:

  • give us the privilege
  • allow us the esteemed chance
  • trust that we will deliver
  • have given us a second chance
  • have gone out on a limb to try
  • want to make a change for themselves
  • dare to love her body without limits

We understand, that we ARE not for everyone.  You know why? Because we don’t own the market: not a large piece, not a small piece, not any piece of the market.

There are women here who want waistbeads, but:

  • don’t like the designs I offer
  • don’t like the graphics I post
  • don’t like the semi-permanence of traditional waistbeads
  • don’t know if they trust me enough yet

If my beads and I do not serve you, I am always too happy to recommend you to another artisan, who can!  It is important to me that you are served – by whom is irrelevant!!!

Why? It does not hurt me to recommend another artisan at all. I don’t need to know the person, I don’t need to tell them “hey, I am sending you a referral”, it only ever matters that you are served.

I am in no mood, after all the years of being fought down for being me, for being tied down for being real, for being held down for speaking up – to come out here now, with all the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship, to live in petty crime.

In my own lane, I am not here for “competitors”.  It is upsetting!!!

As you were, we can still love who we are, in spite of the ills around us.

…clients are not
that is all.

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