Which waistbeads type is best?

Every person will vote for their own side in the debate, except… Well no one.

I believe in the traditional method of securing waistbeads to a woman, which is tying them onto your body for permanent and daily wear.

I believe that all other methods for securing waistbeads happened out of necessity, such as for a variety of reasons. I won’t dive into what those might be.

All waistbeads can break of burst, but tie on waistbeads have no daily wear restrictions except a few mandatory requirements for removal, such as having an xray taken, or having surgery done in or around the womb space.

Beach baths won’t bother them, daily showers or soaks won’t bother them much either. It is important to share with you, that most waistbeads are made with threads!! Regardless of the strength of the thread, all thread will have wear and tear, some will take longer than others.

I believe in the traditional method of tying waistbeads to your body, as this also can be used to set intentions that you need at any point in time. If tie on waistbeads can assist your need, and circumstances, I recommend any she who wants to, to try a set or two – choosing the kind that is best for you.

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